The Importance of an Accident Reconstructionist in Trucking Accident Cases

When you’re involved in an accident, you might think you have the whole story. But in reality, there’s a lot of context that you’re missing. There’s only so much you can observe when you’re actually involved in a collision, and filling in the missing pieces can be challenging. That’s where an accident reconstruction specialist can help.

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What is Accident Reconstruction?

The field of accident reconstruction plays an integral role in car accident investigations and claims. Reconstruction specialists do an exhaustive deep dive into everything that happened prior to and during a crash. When it comes to truck accident claims, they use their background in a variety of fields to figure out the factors contributing to the crash and how exactly different events played out. 

Specialists in this field have a background in physics, forensic investigation, engineering, and other sciences. Through their investigation, accident reconstruction specialists determine what speed the vehicles were traveling, how far both vehicles traveled after the crash, and where the point of impact was.

Gathering and Analyzing Evidence at the Scene

Accident reconstruction specialists often respond to the scene of a crash as soon as possible, since evidence tends to degrade quickly in a crash. They may take photos of physical evidence and measure them at the scene before they are cleaned up and removed. The pictures, measurements, and video footage collected by reconstruction specialists are used to create models of the accident scene. They use their data and evidence to model how the crash happened and how various factors contributed.

Figuring Out the Liable Party and Contributing Factors

This type of analysis is invaluable for proving liability and showing how an individual’s choices and actions may have mitigated an accident or made it worse. As you may imagine, this insight is crucial to a truck accident claim. No one wants to accept liability, even if it’s obvious that they are at fault. This is especially true in truck accident claims since truck companies work hard to avoid paying out the massive amounts of compensation often required to make victims whole.

How Their Testimony Can Affect a Truck Accident Case

After an accident reconstruction expert has made their report, they may be called upon to discuss their findings with the parties involved in the collision. This gives everyone involved time to ask questions, get a better understanding of what happened, and find out how their case is affected. The input from a specialist can shift negotiations and help victims make a stronger case for full compensation. 

If a truck accident case goes to court, the reconstruction specialist may answer questions posed by both sides’ attorneys in front of a judge and jury. The opposing side’s attorney may try to poke holes in their credentials, overall credibility, track record of success, and research methods. This is why it’s so important to work with a specialist with the educational background, training, and professional qualifications needed to stand up to aggressive questioning.

Improving Truck Driving Safety Outcomes

In addition to the work they do on specific cases, accident reconstruction experts also improve safety in the industry as a whole. Their ability to pinpoint contributing factors and identify trends allows them to look at results from multiple accidents and figure out areas for improvement. Their analysis may highlight risk factors that can be controlled via technological improvements or new safety standards. Their input can also guide policy changes and regulations, changing how trucking companies create their standards and even legislation. The work they do at this level leads to safer roadways for everyone across the country.

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