Social Security Disability benefits provides financial aid to WV residents

July 7, 2016
Millions of West Virginia residents rely on Social Security Disability benefits in order to survive on a daily basis. According to the Social Security Administration, more than 11 million Americans are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits. This federal program allows people who suffer from debilitating conditions, injuries and mental conditions to receive financial aid. As more and more Americans apply for these federal funds, the Social Security Administration has developed and enforced certain restrictions on who can receive benefits. They have also developed new programs to help those who suffer from extremely severe diseases.

Process of determining disability

The Social Security Administration uses the following questions to determine whether or not an applicant is eligible for benefits:

  • Is the applicant currently working? Applicants cannot make more than $1,070 a month.
  • Is the condition considered severe? The condition must be severe enough to limit the applicant’s ability to work.
  • Is the condition approved by the SSA? Applicants with conditions that are not on the approved list will be carefully evaluated to determine whether they are considered disabling.
  • Can the applicant perform any type of job? If the applicant is unable to work in their original career field, they may be able to perform well in another job setting.
When applying for SSDI benefits, applicants should have certain information available, including their Social Security number, physician information, laboratory test results involving the debilitating condition, medical records, list of medications and a summary of their work history.

What is the Compassionate Allowances Program?

The Compassionate Allowance Program was created as a way to expedite the Social Security Disability application process for those suffering from urgent chronic conditions. Rather than wait for months to have an application approved, applicants suffering from a condition listed under the program can receive an approval in a matter of days.

This year the Social Security Administration added 25 new conditions to the program, including various digestive, immune and neurological disorders. Twelve types of cancer, including prostate cancer, were also included. The total number of approved conditions is now 225, according to the SSA.

Filling out a Social Security application

The Social Security Administration is incredibly selective when evaluating applications for benefits. It is imperative that the application is filled out correctly in order to be eligible for acceptance. Having an attorney available to help you through the difficult SSDI process is extremely beneficial. Not only will you have access to a lawyer who is experienced in handling SSDI claims, but you also have help in the event that your application is denied.