What impact does social media have on my lawsuit?

When you are in the process of a personal injury lawsuit, you should maintain an awareness of the things that you post on social media. If you are the injured party and you are trying to have a successful case, you should not post anything that could jeopardize that. Let’s just your leg was injured in a car accident and you detailed in your case that you can no longer do the same activities you once could, such as hiking. But you chose to go hiking anyway and also chose to post pictures of the experience on your social media accounts. This could completely ruin your case because clearly, you are well enough to do such an activity and your injuries are not as bad as you made them out to be.

The attorneys involved on both sides of the case may monitor the social media accounts of all parties involved to keep tabs on who may be exaggerating their injuries for the case. It can also have an impact on the person who is on the defense in the case. For example, if they say that they saw you texting and driving in a car accident case to try to place some of the blame on you but then post on Facebook that they finally got new glasses and their vision is better than ever, that can take away from the validity of their statement claiming they saw you doing something. The bottom line is that when you are involved on either side of a personal injury case, you should not post anything about it to social media that can compromise the outcome.

If you have questions about the circumstances surrounding your case or something that you saw on social media that can impact your case, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you.

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