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In every workshop and factory in every state, there are common pieces of industrial equipment known to most people. Mining equipment, however, is much less known and understood by non miners and potential jurors. That is why you need lawyers who know what machines like continuous miners, shuttle cars, roof bolters and scoops are and how they operate. It is rare to find a lawyer who is familiar with these tools of the coal mining trade. However, when it comes to seeking compensation for a coal mining equipment accident, a lawyer with knowledge of these tools is critical to the success of the claim. The lawyers at Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., have more than 40 years of experience getting compensation for victims of West Virginia coal mine accidents. We are familiar with all the equipment used in coal mining. We know the dangers involved in operating this machinery and the safety measures that should never be sidestepped.

Operator Errors and Safety Violations

In some cases, our investigation reveals that safety violations on the part of the mining company or another party caused a mining equipment-related accident. In the closed and confined space of a coal mine, the combination of large machines and miners can be a deadly mix. Equipment operators must be constantly vigilant. Likewise, the coal company must put into place proper haulage routes and safety devices to protect miners from being injured or killed by mining equipment. Sadly, we have handled all too many cases involving miners injured or killed when run over or crushed by mining equipment.

Defective and Improperly Maintained Machinery

We frequently discover that the condition of the equipment itself caused the accident, not the operator. This could be because the equipment was not properly maintained considering the wear and tear it encounters on a daily basis. Equipment may also be hazardous if it is defective in its design. In these cases, we will take action against the manufacturer to seek compensation.

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