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SSD beneficiaries using programs to gain employment

When West Virginia residents suffer an injury on-the-job or in an accident, the main concern is likely undergoing the proper medical treatment to recovery from the injury. Typically, minor injuries do not require much downtime to recover from, while others involve a lengthy recovery process. When an individual suffers a serious injury, the likelihood of temporary or permanent disabled is high. Moreover, the disability suffered will make it challenging to work for an extended period of time.

For those dealing with a disability that resulted from an injury in an accident, Social Security Disability, or SSD, benefits can be a life changer. However, for individuals currently receiving SSD benefits, it should be understood that there are available programs that could help recipients return to work. While disabilities likely constrain or limit a person’s ability to work, the program entitled “Your Ticket to Work” seeks to provide beneficiaries the services they need to return to work or earn more money.

This program is for adults between the ages of 18 and 64 who currently receive disability benefits. The goal of the program is to help recipients earn enough money so they can become financially independent. The Ticket to Work program is designed to help disability beneficiaries find a job, go through vocational rehabilitation or obtain other support needed. Those interested in the program should initiate the process by calling the helpline for the program. This step will provide a beneficiary with the necessary information, contact numbers, employment networks and answers to any questions.

Those taking part in the program might be concerned about how participation in the program could impact their disability benefits. The Social Security Administration conducts reviews of beneficiaries’ medical conditions in order to determine if they still qualify for disability benefits. If a recipient is no longer disabled, it is likely that the benefits will be stopped. However, if an individual is taking part in the program and making timely progress on a return to work plan, then a review will not be conducted on the medical condition.

Whether you decide to participate in this or any other program offered to SSD beneficiaries, it is important to understand the details of the program and how it could impact your eligibility to receive disability benefits. This will help protect your rights, finances and interests in the matter.