product liability lawyers in West Virginia

What should I know about product liability?

When you purchase a product, you never expect that using it will cause result in the injury or death of you or a loved one. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more than many people realize and they are unsure as to whether or not they can bring a lawsuit to recover compensation for these injuries or wrongful death. If you believe that you have been injured because of a defective product, your first step should be to contact an experienced product liability attorney.

Once you have retained the services of an attorney, they will have to conduct an investigation as to why you were injured and any deficiencies that the product has. This investigation will take a look into each and every step in the creation and marketing of the product. The designs of the product will have to be looked into, the process of actually turning those designs into a physical product will be examined, and even the labeling and marketing of the product will be taken into account. Though the first two are pretty self explanatory, some people get confused as to why the marketing matters. It is important that the labels state all of the proper information. For example, if a label on a food product neglects to disclose that the product was made in the same location as peanuts were processed, a person who has a serious peanut allergy may have a severe reaction that could result in hospitalization or death. These deficiencies should not be taken lightly.

A thorough investigation of a product can reveal who is liable for the accident. These investigations may be lengthy depending on the particular situation. It is important that you have a dedicated attorney who can assist you in recovering compensation for a product liability case.

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