Tire Blowouts While Passing Semi-Trucks Are Real

Caution: Tire Blowouts While Passing Semi-Trucks Are Real

West Virginia has the sixth-largest transportation system in the nation. The state has nearly 39,000 miles of public roads, many of which run through winding, mountainous terrain. Our roads can get congested pretty quickly, especially with so many big rig trucks that travel the Mountain State every day.

While it is generally considered safer to drive in gridlocked traffic compared to open roads where you can go as fast as you want, there are still some hazards that can get worse during traffic congestion. One such danger is the potential for a semi-truck to blow a tire. Tire blowouts, even those that happen when traveling at slower speeds, can cause widespread damage when they happen with a large commercial truck.

Tire blowouts on semi-trucks pose a serious threat to motorists and pedestrians nearby, and it is always important to watch out for this potential hazard when you are in heavy traffic with big-rig trucks, and especially when you are trying to pass them. Even a simple blowout on an 18-wheeler can cause the vehicle to lose control, often resulting in loads being spilled on the road and the truck crashing into other vehicles around them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident caused by a tire blowout or any other reason, you need an experienced attorney in your corner advocating aggressively for your legal rights and interests. Trucking companies and those who insure them fight hard against damage claims for which they hold responsibility because these tend to be higher value claims where there is a lot of money at stake. And those who try to pursue these claims on their own often end up with far less compensation than they deserve.

At Bailey, Javins, and Carter L.C., we understand that getting hurt in a trucking accident can turn your life upside down, and we are here to provide strong legal counsel and moral support during this difficult time. Truck accident claims are considerably more complicated than standard auto accidents; because there are several parties that could be at fault and there are numerous laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry.

Our firm has been successfully representing clients against well-funded adversaries (such as trucking companies) for 50 years, and we are not intimidated by their vast resources. We work closely with our clients, and we explore every potential legal avenue to help ensure that they are able to recover maximum compensation. Call us today at (800) 497-0234 or (800) 296-6979 for a free consultation and case assessment.

What Causes Tractor-Trailer Tire Blowouts?

Many people initially assume that the cause of a tire blowout is the tire running over a hard or sharp object on the road, but this is very often not the case. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), many commercial truck tire blowouts happen because of failure to properly and thoroughly inspect tires regularly, and the failure to replace tires when they are clearly worn or damaged.

Some of the other common reasons why semi-truck tire blowouts occur include:

  • Under-inflation or over-inflation of the tires.
  • Mismatched tires (e.g., using tires that are different brands and have slightly different sizes, etc.) that cause uneven wear.
  • Excessive braking.
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo.
  • Defective tires.
  • Adverse weather conditions (e.g., extreme heat or cold that causes under-inflation).
  • Defective road conditions.

Most of the factors that cause or contribute to tractor-trailer tire blowouts are rooted in some type of negligence and are entirely preventable. And when someone gets seriously hurt or killed because of a tire blowout that should never have happened, they deserve to be fully compensated for all economic losses as well as intangible losses like the pain and suffering and emotional distress caused by such an event.

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