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Demand for natural gas is on the rise. Oil is always in demand. Oil and gas companies are doing everything they can to fill the demand. Unfortunately, that often means moving too fast and cutting corners, dodging workplace safety regulations along the way. The result has been a rise in injuries and deaths among oil and gas workers. At Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., our attorneys have decades of experience helping West Virginia oil and gas workers and their families recover compensation for medical expenses and other costs. We handle all injury and death cases that occurred while working on the Marcellus Shale, on fracking operations, on horizontal drilling operations and other similar operations.

How Oil and Gas Companies Are Cutting Corners and Causing Accidents

There are a seemingly limitless number of corners that oil and gas companies will cut in order to increase output and profit. They will avoid the cost of equipment repair and replacement, instead working old machinery to the point at which it becomes hazardous. They will push workers to put in too many hours, leading to exhaustion that can result in accidents. They will even hire inexperienced workers and provide them with insufficient training, then send them out on the job where their lack of training endangers themselves and those around them.

While workers’ compensation may be a source of recovery in these cases, the negligence of the oil or gas company and the negligence of other parties often opens the door to filing a personal injury claim. This can allow substantially higher recovery than workers’ compensation, so it is in your best interest to enlist a lawyer with the ability to determine the appropriate type or types of claims to pursue. We have that ability.

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