Railroad Crossing Accident Attorneys

When a railroad company saves money by cutting back on the cost of maintaining crossings, others may pay the price. Not surprisingly, a person who collides with a train is 30 times more likely to die than someone in another type of motor vehicle accident. Sadly, many car-train collisions are preventable. At Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., our lawyers represent the victims of railway crossing accidents throughout West Virginia. We offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case. We have offices in Charleston, Logan and Summersville.

Railroad Company Negligence in Crossing Accidents

With our narrow, winding roads and lush vegetation, railroad grade crossings pose a greater hazard in West Virginia than in states that do not have our unique topography. When a car collides with a train, a prompt investigation can reveal whether the railroad company did everything it was supposed to do under state and federal law to warn drivers. Examples include:

  • Using proper railroad crossing signs
  • Trimming vegetation so that drivers can see approaching trains
  • Using traffic control devices such as flashing lights and automatic gates
  • Sounding horns when approaching a crossing

In the days following an accident, it’s not unusual for railroad companies to send out crews to trim vegetation and replace defective signs. The sooner you contact our attorneys after an accident, the sooner we can collect and preserve evidence needed to prove railroad company negligence. We represent family members of those who die in fatal train accidents. In West Virginia, you are entitled to seek compensation for your loss. Our lawyers will handle the legal and financial issues so you can concentrate on your family’s emotional needs.

We work on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you do.

Free Initial Consultation With a West Virginia Train Accident Attorney

Facing an uncertain future caused by serious injury can be overwhelming. Our firm understands what it takes to help you acquire the compensation you deserve when your injuries are caused by negligence. Contact our firm to schedule a free consultation with our railroad crossing accident lawyers in Charleston, Logan or Summersville.