How Do Trucking Company Policies Contribute to Truck Accidents?

Trucking companies play a crucial role in the local and national economy, helping to ensure that communities across the nation have what they need to continue functioning. This type of role comes with substantial responsibility—if a company fails to act in a reasonable manner when setting and enforcing policies, it may be responsible for the accidents that occur.

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Hours of Service Regulations and Planning for Fatigue

One of the most common factors in truck accidents across the country is driver fatigue. It’s no surprise that truck drivers are prone to fatigue; they work incredibly long hours doing monitors and mentally draining work. When you combine those factors, it’s obvious that fighting fatigue must be a top priority for companies.

However, a lot of companies simply do not put their drivers’ safety first. Some fail to comply with hours-of-service regulations put in place by the FMCSA, risking fines and other penalties simply to get loads done more quickly. They may force exhausted drivers to take loads, thinking about their financial bottom line instead of the increased accident risk. When companies do not enact policies that combat fatigue and put safety first, they are actively choosing to put people in danger.

Maintenance Policies

Truck inspection and maintenance is an important part of running a trucking company. When a truck is out of circulation because of necessary repairs or delayed inspections, that means lost income for the company. Some company owners, rather than accepting the loss in income or clientele, choose to put unsafe or untested vehicles on the road. Lax maintenance policies or a failure to enforce policies could lead to serious accidents when unsafe trucks are put on the road.

Every trucking company must have rigorous maintenance and inspection policies in place. These policies should account for the variety of maintenance needs a fleet may have, and they should also specify what happens if inspections are skipped or falsified.

Hiring and Training Protocols

Your company is only as good as the people you hire, and that’s especially true for trucking companies. Successful trucking companies with minimal accidents generally have stringent hiring practices that weed out inexperienced drivers, drivers with a history of accidents, and drivers who will cut corners in order to finish a job on time. These companies also have in-depth training programs that ensure that each driver is completely prepared before they ever have to drive alone.

The truck driver shortage has made it harder and harder for companies to uphold their high standards and still keep clients happy. As a result, some have turned to hiring untested drivers or drivers with unsafe driving histories. The outcome is inevitable: an increase in accidents, lawsuits, serious injuries, and fatalities. When an attorney uncovers a company’s questionable hiring practices, the company is at huge risk of a lawsuit.

Enforcement of Policies

Creating strict policies is one part of succeeding as a trucking company. But strict policies are useless if managers and executives refuse to enforce them. When managers consistently verify that drivers are following policy and take appropriate action against those who are not, they create an environment where safety is the top priority. This also encourages other drivers to fall in line, since they know that they will be caught if they attempt to ignore policy.

Enforcement of policies comes in many forms. It may include regular audits of paperwork and documentation, evaluations of drivers’ skills and safety, and technology systems that track driving behaviors and habits. Companies should have clear disciplinary actions in their written policies, so drivers know exactly what to expect.

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