How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of A Truck Crash Claim

How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of A Truck Crash Claim

Evidence is required in every personal injury case because the burden of proof lies on the injured victim (plaintiff). Photographs of your truck accident scene can provide valuable evidence and details regarding the crash. This can be useful in building a strong claim against the negligent truck driver and possibly the trucking company as well.

You should speak with an experienced truck accident attorney in West Virginia to discuss the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault parties.

Importance of Truck Accident Photos in West Virginia

Images can tell an authentic story and can often prove to be invaluable in a truck accident claim. Here are a few ways in which photographs can strengthen your personal injury case and help increase your truck accident compensation amount:

Serve as Visual Evidence

Photographs can prove to be the best form of evidence in a truck accident claim. Accidents are confusing and chaotic. Photos can help jog your memory later about the events surrounding the crash. You may have missed important details in the immediate aftermath of the accident. You can preserve the important details for future analysis by taking photographs.

Provide Crucial Details of the Crash

Accident claims are built on details and photographs are essential tools in providing them. How were you injured? Where did the truck crash happen? Did any witnesses respond? Did climate, road, or any other external conditions cause the accident?

Insurance companies and investigators will need answers to these questions. Photographs will provide the concrete details they require. This will also help in speeding up your claim and increasing the recovery for your claim. Photographs can be used for identifying all the at-fault parties too.

Bolster Your Case for Compensation

In a number of truck accident cases, it can be difficult for investigators to piece the events together. They may rely on other evidence that won’t do justice to what happened. Having pictures of the accident site, property damage, and injuries, can help investigators understand the accident’s cause. It’s always better to have clear pictures when you are trying to prove a truck accident claim.

Photographs can be used by a capable truck accident attorney in WV to negotiate with the insurance company and prove the fault of the truck driver. This can play a significant role in improving the compensation amount.

Document the Truck Crash by Taking Maximum Photos

You should take as many photographs as you possibly can. If you are severely injured, you should request a friend or family member, or other eyewitnesses to take the pictures. These are a few tips to increase the usefulness of truck accident scene photographs:

  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved in the crash, including the truck
  • If you are unable to take pictures of your own injuries, request someone around you to do so.
  • Get a close-up of damages to your vehicle from different angles. Frame the shots, if possible, to include the license plate. Take images of the truck’s damages too.
  • Take photographs of any parts or debris that fell from the vehicle, including shattered glass
  • Capture traffic indicators (signs or lights) and other important location factors.
  • Take pictures of the road and weather conditions.
  • Click the skid marks. You need to capture the length and width from both long and close ranges. You should try and show the direction in which the truck and your car were headed (especially if it is a head-on collision.)
  • Click photographs of other people at the scene, including the passengers and truck driver. You should ask permission from eyewitnesses to take their photographs and contact information as well. Take a shot of anyone that is placed in a gurney or an ambulance.
  • Photograph the injuries of the truck driver and any bystanders. Don’t forget to document the progression or worsening and eventual healing of your own injuries through images.

Truck accidents can be extremely stressful events. It may be tempting to wait till you are feeling better, but you should try and take photos as soon as you can. Have a friend, family member, or an eyewitness take the photos if you are injured.

Accident scenes change quickly, and you may not be able to return later for photographs. Skid marks, road conditions, lighting, and broken glass are just a few elements or factors that may change drastically by the time you return.

Build a Stronger Claim with Useful Photographs

You should keep the following suggestions in mind when photographing an accident scene to build a stronger claim:

  • Many photos: You should take as many photographs as you possibly can. Your attorney, who has seen every legal challenge this is, will choose the best ones to create a strong compensation claim. Remember, that similar photographs can reveal different details.
  • Close-ups and details: You should leave accident details undisturbed but get as close as you can to photograph them. Use the zoom function in your camera to get close-ups. License plates and other details can offer vital evidence in a truck accident.
  • Wide shots: Take a lot of wide shots of the accident scene to bring context to the photographs. Road conditions, lighting, and weather conditions should be photographed.

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