What is the difference between SSD and SSDI

What is the difference between SSD benefits and SSI?

Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one in life due to an injury or an illness, living with a disability can be very challenging for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere. It is not only difficult to carryout daily activities, but it can be hard to maintain a job and even pay for all the medical expenses required to address any arising health concerns from the disability suffered. Such a condition can make it impossible or nearly impossible for the individual and the person’s family to meet all their financial requirements and basic needs. Thus, a person living with a disability is likely to apply for Social Security Disability to help offset these financial burdens.

What is the difference between SSD benefits and Supplemental Security Income? The Social Security Administration runs both of these programs, and both programs provide benefits to individuals based on the disability the person is suffering from and certain factors that make them eligible for each program.

SSD benefits are provided through Social Security Disability Insurance, which is based on prior earnings. The taxes workers pay into the Social Security Program finances SSDI; however, to be eligible to receive SSDI benefits, a worker must earn a sufficient amount of credits. Credits are based on the taxable work that is insured for Social Security purposes. Those eligible for SSD benefits include those that are blind, disabled workers, widows or widowers of disabled workers or adults that have been disabled since childhood.

On the other hand, SSI disability benefits are awarded based on the financial needs of the adults or children applying for them. This includes those that are blind or disabled, have limited income and researches, meet the living arrangement requirements of the program or other eligible factors. Unlike SSDI benefits, SSI benefits are financed through general revenues.

No matter a person’s age or cause of a disability, those living with a disability are likely to endure financial issues due to the medical expenses and life adjustment related to the disability suffered. Therefore, it is important to understand what Social Security programs you qualify for and what steps you need to take to recover any benefits you are entitled to.