West Virginia Coal Mining Electrical Injury Attorneys

At Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., we have spent more than 40 years taking action against those responsible for West Virginia coal mine accidents of all types, including electrical injuries and deaths. When the victims of these accidents and their families come to us, they can expect us to take immediate action to maximize compensation for medical costs and other expenses.

High Voltage Machinery Accidents

Much of the equipment used in coal mining is high voltage. Huge cables run to equipment from massive power centers. In this highly charged environment, any shortcut can cause an electrical accident. Our investigation of a coal mining electrical accident often uncovers critical safety violations. For example, we frequently find that lock out and tag out procedures were not followed while someone was working on a piece of equipment, leading to electrocution.

In some cases, the safety violations we discover are much more blatant. Many pieces of electrical equipment operating in coal mines are equipped with mechanisms that cause them to shut down automatically if there is any chance of a problem. In many electrical accident cases, we have found that these mechanisms have been bridged or bypassed by coal companies or other parties in order to save time.

The equipment used in coal mines is worked hard. It must be maintained appropriately. We have found that equipment left in disrepair, particularly equipment with damaged cables, is at the heart of many electrical accident claims.

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