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Injuries Caused by Materials in Haulage Ways

Mine supplies and other materials left in the haulage ways of underground mines can be extremely hazardous.  When these materials are impacted or run over by mobile equipment they can enter the operator’s or occupant’s compartment causing serious and even fatal injuries.  Adequate examinations of haulage ways must be performed to prevent these types of hazardous conditions.

Sadly, there are numerous instances over the past decades where miners have been fatally injured from extraneous material left lying in roadways entering the equipment they were operating or riding in.  Despite this clearly known and recognized hazard, mine operators continue to inadequately staff mines in a sufficient manner to have these areas properly inspected and hazards removed.  Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., has represented several miners and their families in these same circumstances.

In one such case, Bailey Javins & Carter, L.C. represented the widow and children of a 34-year-old Utility Man who was struck and fatally injured by two wooden planks that entered the operator’s deck of his underground mine scoop.  This incident resulted from failure to follow to comply with mine safety regulations requiring the mine operator to maintain haulage ways free of extraneous material.  In addition to holding the mine operator responsible for the miner’s death, Bailey Javins & Carter, L.C., also pursued an action against the manufacturer of the underground mine scoop for failing to have the operator’s deck properly protected from these known hazards. Suit was filed and following extensive discovery in the matter, the firm recovered a substantial settlement ensuring the financial future for the widow and her children.

If you or a loved one as been injured or killed as a result of extraneous material not being properly removed from haulage ways or workspaces, contact Bailey Javins & Carter at (304) 345-0346 or through our website contact form. The experienced mine accident injury attorneys at Bailey Javins & Carter will work diligently to make sure you receive the damages you deserve.