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More and more frequently catastrophic injuries and deaths are occurring on oil and gas rigs in WV and the region. While the public discusses the economic benefits of the natural gas boom, an untold story is unfolding related to unsafe work practices. Rig work is dangerous and cutting corners is deadly.

Doddridge County WV Gas Well Accident Lawyer

There is a shortage of properly trained workers to perform these hazardous jobs. Rather than properly train new workers and rather than properly insuring the experienced workers continue to work safely, the industry pushes for production and the workers suffer. Another reason for these injuries and deaths is the insane number of hours that these workers are required to work. A tired and fatigued worker is unsafe on the job and on the roads. It should be apparent that a well operated in compliance with safety regulations and industry safe practices doesn’t explode and send workers to hospitals with life-threatening injuries and burns. In cases we have taken for injured and deceased oil and gas well workers we have found these same safety problems throughout all states experiencing this natural gas boom. It’s time we pay attention to the human costs of this economic opportunity.

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If you have been seriously injured by a gas well explosion or lost a loved one to a gas well explosion, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. Our firm is dedicated to the people of West Virginia. We understand the impact of serious injury and wrongful death and fight for the future of our clients. If you need quality legal representation, contact our firm to help you through tough times.