Car Accidents

Charleston Car Accident Attorneys

When a car accident results in a life-changing injury or the loss of a loved one, Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., is here to help. With more than 40 years of experience on our side, we understand that the insurance company is going to play every possible game to avoid paying compensation. We refuse to play games. We will file a lawsuit and do everything we can to get you the money you need as soon as possible. We handle West Virginia motor vehicle accidents of all types, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, distracted driving accidents, and commercial vehicle accidents.

Even the Odds Against the Insurance Company

Be aware that the insurance attorney, insurance agent or insurance claims adjuster is not your friend, although he or she will certainly pretend to be. He or she is working hard to escape or limit liability. If the insurance company has experienced lawyers and others trying to limit your recovery, shouldn’t you have someone on your side trying to maximize your recovery? We have successfully handled hundreds of auto accident cases.

Immediate Action and Investigation Is Critical

Insurance companies want you to procrastinate. They want as much time as possible so that the scene of the car accident can be cleaned up and they can send your car to the scrap yard, erasing evidence that may be crucial to your case against them.

As soon as you retain our services, our lawyers will take action and begin the investigation. We will examine the scene of the car accident. We will prevent your car and any other vehicles involved in the collision from being scrapped until we can review them. We will talk to witnesses and gather all the information we need to lay a foundation of facts. Our lawyers will also work with your medical providers to gather details about your condition, which will also be important in terms of determining the amount of compensation to seek.

We work on a contingent fee basis. We do not get paid unless you do.

Free Initial Consultation With a West Virginia Car Wreck Attorney

Contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation with our car accident lawyers in Charleston, Logan or Summersville. We understand the impact a serious injury has on a person and we are ready to fight for your rights.