Tree Stand & Hunting Accidents

After a hunting accident, victims and their families want and need both answers and help. A misdirected bullet or a fall from a tree stand can change the life of an injured person or a bereaved family forever. A prompt investigation into the circumstances and causes of a hunting accident is necessary for peace of mind as well as for legal purposes.

West Virginia Hunting Accident Injury Attorney ◦ Tree Stand Falls

West Virginians who have been injured are encouraged to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible, while witnesses and evidence are readily available. Contact Bailey, Javins & Carter to schedule a free initial consultation. Allow our attorneys to lead the investigation into the cause of your loved one’s hunting accident injury.

Was the tree stand fall simply the result of the hunter falling asleep? Or was it caused by any of the following?

  • Poor design
  • Locking pin failure
  • Metal fatigue
  • Faulty safety harness
  • Defective foot pegs on a portable stand

In some hunting accident cases, a coal company property owner may be responsible for hunting accidents involving obscured wires and fences. A hunting accident involving a four-wheeler that falls into a mine shaft requires investigation to determine who was most at fault: the driver or the property owner.

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Whatever the circumstances or causes behind the hunting accident, an experienced personal injury attorney is a valuable resource for victims and families suffering from the consequences of serious injuries, such as broken legs or head injury. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation after a tree stand fall or a hunting accident caused by an errant bullet.