Coal Truck and Logging Truck Accidents Attorneys

With the number of coal mines in West Virginia, it is not surprising that a substantial number of coal truck accidents occur every year. These accidents occur at the sites and on the road. Hardworking people are injured regularly because of the negligence of another party, leaving them with injuries that will affect their live for years. When a person is injured by a coal or logging truck, it is important for them to protect their future from uncertainty.

West Virginia Coal Truck Accident Lawyers

On the road, coal truck accidents occur for the same reasons as other truck accidents. However, overloaded coal trucks, overweight coal trucks, improperly loaded coal trucks, and driver error probably make up the bulk of serious accidents involving coal trucks. If you have been injured in a coal truck accident, you want experienced representation from a law firm that is familiar with coal mines, coal trucks, and trucking laws.

West Virginia Logging Truck Accident Attorneys

At Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C., we understand the logging industry, we understand truck drivers, and other workers involved in cutting timber. We also understand that the West Virginia timber industry is vital to our economy and as it grows so do the number of trucks on our roads.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to a lumber truck accident, then you want an experienced West Virginia logging truck accident attorney, who understands your need to provide support for your family, representing your legal interests. You want a lawyer who not only understand you and your situation, but also understands the law and your rights. You want a lawyer with a successful track record in court, and an attorney who has successfully negotiated numerous favorable settlements.

We are committed to helping you maximize the amount of compensation you collect. We are from West Virginia, and we have been helping families like yours for over 30 years. We have logging truck accident trial experience. We have an excellent reputation and track record in successfully bringing truck accident claims on behalf of people seriously injured by lumber trucks. If you have been seriously injured due to a logging truck accident, you need to contact our experienced West Virginia logging truck accident attorneys today.

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