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What are independent medical examinations?

When you are injured in an accident and make the decision to pursue a lawsuit against the liable party, you may have to submit to an independent medical examination. These are sometimes referred to as defense examinations. This is because the doctor who conducts these exams are working for “the other side,” or the person who you are bringing the lawsuit against. You should be aware that they may try to claim that your injuries are not as serious as they truly are. This is because they are trying to make sure that the other party does not have to pay as much money as they would if they were to report the full extent of your injuries.

Throughout the course of your examination, you should be sure to tell the doctor conducting the exam exactly what your injuries are as a result of the accident. You should not exaggerate the extent of your injuries because the medical professional that is conducting the exam will be aware that you are trying to get more money out of them. This can ultimately backfire and harm your case in the end. Your best bet is to remain honest with the doctor and you should be just fine.  Don’t try to combine other injuries that are unrelated to the accident because the doctor will be able to tell that you obtained that injury at a different time.

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