Choosing an Experienced Coal Mining Accident Attorney

We could never say enough to express our sorrow for the horrible loss you have suffered. It is unimaginable for most people to understand the loss and betrayal you feel. You may feel that you and your loved ones have been taken advantage of by the mining company. Sadly, there may be others who want to take advantage of you, too.

Demand a West Virginia Lawyer

Out-of-state law firms flock to West Virginia when they learn about coal mining accidents. These law firms will apply a great deal of pressure to get you to sign on as their client. Beware of those law firms and their representatives. Ask that they provide you with a West Virginia Bar Identification Number that shows they actually are licensed to practice in our state.

When discussing your case with lawyers, ask for their website addresses and references of other coal miners or families of coal miners they have represented. Ask industry-specific questions. Use the language used every day in West Virginia coal mines. Mention the equipment used. Does the lawyer know what you are talking about?

Demand Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C.

For more than 40 years, our attorneys have handled West Virginia coal mine accidents. We have represented victims of the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster, the Sago coal mine disaster, the Aracoma coal mine disaster, the Ghent Little General Store explosion and more. We have built a reputation for success in cases involving coal mine accidents and black lung and other lung diseases.

Know That You Have the Right to Change Lawyers

If you sign an agreement with a profiteering out-of-state law firm that is inexperienced in coal mine accidents, you have the right to end that relationship at any time. Even if your case has already begun, you can change lawyers and come to our law firm.

We work on a contingent fee basis. We do not get paid unless you do.

We’ve represented fallen miners and families from all over WV including the following mines:

  • Senaca Coal Pinnacle Mine
  • Patriot Coal Brody Mine
  • Upper big Branch
  • Rock Springs Development Mine
  • Robinson Run Development Mine
  • Spartan Mining’s Roadfork 51 mine
  • Murray’s Marion County Coal Mine
  • Pocahontas Mine

Free Initial Consultation With a Coal Mine Accident Attorney

Concerned about choosing an experienced coal mining accident lawyer?  Contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.