West Virginia Coal Mine Accident Attorneys

Whether in West Virginia, or Pennsylvania, Ohio, or other states, if you or a loved one has been injured or you have lost a family member in a coal mine accident, you want a lawyer who understands the industry and has a reputation for success in these cases. You will find that lawyer at Bailey, Javins & Carter, L.C.

A Reputation for Success in Coal Mine Accident Claims

Our law firm has been pursuing compensation for coal mine accident victims since 1970. We have represented victims of the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster, the Sago coal mine disaster, the Aracoma coal mine disaster, the Ghent Little General Store explosion and more. We have taken on industry giants and powerful opponents such as Consol, Massey, ICG, Eastern, Alpha and Patriot.

Attorneys Who Understand the Industry

Success depends on being able to understand and communicate industry-specific knowledge. We have spent time in mines and understand the dangers involved in this line of work. We are familiar with the tools of the trade, from continuous miners to shuttle cars to roof bolters. When you tell us about your case, we will know exactly what you are talking about. When we present your case to a jury, if it must go that far, we will make certain that the details are communicated clearly and effectively to make the jurors understand why you deserve compensation.

Handling All Coal Mine Accident Claims

We handle all workers’ compensation and personal injury claims for victims of underground and surface mining injury and death. Cases we handle include:

  • Coal mine explosions
  • Coal mine electrical injury and death
  • Roof falls and rib rolls injury and death
  • Coal mining equipment injury and death
We also represent victims of occupational diseases like black lung and other lung diseases. Choosing an experienced coal mining accident lawyer is no simple task. We encourage you to compare our experience and reputation for success with that of other law firms handling these cases. Our background makes it clear that we are the right choice.

We work on a contingent fee basis. We do not get paid unless you do.

We’ve represented fallen miners and families from all over WV including the following mines:

  • Seneca Coal Pinnacle Mine
  • Patriot Coal Brody Mine
  • Upper Big Branch Mine
  • Rock Springs Development Mine
  • Robinson Run Development Mine
  • Spartan Mining’s Roadfork 51 Mine
  • Murray’s Marion County Coal Mine
  • Pocahontas Mine

Free Initial Consultation With a Coal Mining Injury Attorney

Contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation with our coal mine accident attorneys in West Virginia. We also take on cases out of state including Wyoming, Colorado, Kentucky, Utah and North Dakota.