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UTV Accidents and Injuries from Additional Seating

A UTV, which stands for utility task vehicle or utility terrain vehicle, is a small, golf cart-looking contraption that combines all-terrain capabilities with more traditional passenger seating. And, like the ATV, UTVs are used to explore terrain that isn’t accessible in traditional vehicle types, and are often reserved for the adventuring soul. UTVs are alsoRead More

PTSD After a Car Accident - Fact or Fiction - Contact Bailey Javins & Carter

PTSD After a Serious Car Accident – Fact or Fiction? 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition which was formerly only associated with military personnel who had undergone the trauma of combat, and who experienced subsequent symptoms referred to as ‘shell shock’. The same collection of symptoms is now recognized as being indicative of a condition which also affects civilians who have experiencedRead More

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Industrial Explosion at West Virginia Plant Leaves Two with Fatal Injuries

On Wednesday May 24, 2017, a terrible industrial accident at a West Virginia natural gas odorization facility, Midland Resource Recovery, left two of the plant’s workers with fatal injuries, and another seriously harmed. According to reports published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail and U.S. News, the Barbour County explosion is currently being investigated, with important questionsRead More